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Waterford Lakes eMail Bulletin - October 2018


Waterford Lakes Community Association October 2018 News


Another Holiday Season is Closing In On Us!


So who is even thinking about the holidays yet? I had the rude awakening when Starbucks started offering their Pumpkin Spice Latte a couple of weeks ago. And then, someone on Facebook posted something that stated Christmas was only 81 days away. I haven't even purchased Halloween candy yet and I'm getting reminders that Christmas is ONLY 81 days away. Is it me or are we all rushing things just a little too much? Whatever it is I'm not going to get caught up in all the hype and just hang back a little bit. Take your time, relax and be safe. Don't push yourself to the point you're rushing around, taking chances and possibly getting hurt or hurting someone else. While we might be thinking about what's ahead remember that this time of the year is when we all have to be a little more careful when we drive around and head out the door. Don't let others, who are impatient, cause you to lose your cool!


This past month, the WLCA Board of Directors, with the assistance of the WLCA Operations Committee, approved the replacement of the old playground equipment on Lake Underhill just across the street from the first Cypress Isles entrance and the playground equipment just outside of Carrington Lakes. Staff has already ordered the equipment and the vendor has started the permitting process with Orange County. We're hoping that this project is completed by years end.


Folks, I need your help. There has been a huge uptick in our homeowners dumping yard waste on the common property. Homeowner's are dumping grass clippings behind their fences on Lake Underhill, dumping tree trimmings and palm fronds on Mark Twain and all kinds of yard debris on Alafaya Trail. When this happens it costs all of us hard dollars to clean it up and we don't budget for this. Going forward, WLCA will have no choice but to bill you for the cleanup. Reality check here is that you pay Orange County to pick up your yard waste once a week via your home taxes. Why would you want to be billed again for dumping on your neighbor's property? If you carry your yard waste to the rear of your property and dump over the fence why can't we carry it to the front of the property and place it at the curb? Of course, we don't dump our trash in our next door neighbor's yard, please don't do it to your community neighbor's yard. It would be really appreciated and will be a cost savings. If your neighbor is a dumper please let them know that it should stop.


Mark your calendars, advise the kids and grandchildren that the time has come for Waterford Lakes BIGGEST AND BEST Community Event EVER! The 3rd Annual Trunk Or Treat is Sunday October 28th starting at 3P.M. If you think the last couple of years was great wait for this year's event! It's only getting BIGGER. As this event becomes more popular, parking becomes an issue and this year, with the cooperation of Waterford Elementary, parking will be available in their lot with a small shuttle bus going back and forth to the Rec Center. This year we are also pre-selling limited parking passes to be able to park at the Rec Center. We learned a lot from last year and because this event also supports a great community cause, we wanted to make parking and attending the event a little more enjoyable while assisting a great cause. So, if you want a chance to park your vehicle at the Rec Center on Sunday afternoon stop by the office Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm and for $10 you will be able to drive up to the event. 


The signs are out and we are officially in the last quarter of the year. Feel free to call us at the office (407) 380-3803 to make your assessment payment by credit card. You can drop your payment in the secure lock box just outside the office door or come in during regular hours. We want to make sure to make that process as easy as possible for everyone in case you didn't get that payment in the mail. On a related note, everyone should have received the little budget postcard that we mail out to let you know the WLCA board will be reviewing and approving the budget for 2019 at its board meeting on October 22nd.


Staff has been hard at work making some dramatic changes to our in house software, communication methods, and payment options that will allow you easy access. We are remodeling our accounting system from TOPS Professional to TOPSOne. A hosted fully secure accounting system that will allow you to follow up on your account with Waterford Lakes, check your payments and make payments a variety of ways via credit card that you control. ClickPay is a 3rd party connected partner with TOPS that will allow you the opportunity to set up your own payment methods including using a credit card that can be used to automatically pay assessments on a quarterly basis. Something that so many of you have asked us to do. We will also be rolling out a new website and mobile phone app that increases the options you have to use in our communication and getting info you may need from us, such as, documents or exterior improvement guidelines without the need to stop by the office. We will be keeping everyone informed of how to use the new options and we will even be hosting some educational in-house info sessions on Saturdays so everyone has the opportunity to use all of these changes to your advantage.

Included with these on-line refinements is a bank change. We had a long relationship with a bank over the years that was purchased and merged a couple of times. It became clear our bank relationship had to adjust. So, starting January 2019, the new relationship will be with Florida Community Bank. If you are currently paying via ACH and want to continue you will need to change that info with your bank. Those of you who currently pay your assessments this way will receive communication from us on changing your routing info at your bank.

We are very excited about these upcoming additions and certainly hope that you will be able to make choices that fit your situation better when paying your assessments. After all, it's about offering choices and putting info in your hands as easy as possible. I expect there may be a few bumps from time to time, but overall, this new rollout should be hassle free. Look for more communication via e-blasts and Facebook.

As always, thank you for allowing us to be a part of such a great community. I get the opportunity to hear, all the time, from other communities when I'm asked for advice about what they can do to be like Waterford Lakes. What a compliment when asked about our governance and communication methods and how do we make our community look so good. Of course I don't give away our secret. That secret is you!

Ken Zook and the entire staff of Waterford Lakes                                    


This is a Publication of the Waterford Lakes Community Association, Inc.